Acme Market Analytics - S1Study – Acme’s Pro Edition packs help traders get a grip on the big picture and simplify pre-market workflows by exporting key statistics from the most important price-volume studies with only a couple of clicks. And the Pro-level membership includes the Market Study Pack, which directly integrates with dedicated analysis tools such as Microsoft Excel. The market study pack allows you to easily get your curiosity on and ask what if?, then test those market hypotheses, calculate key probabilities and identify new patterns.

Strategize – Plan your trade and trade your plan. How many times have you heard that? Like walking away from that bacon-flavored maple bar sitting lonely and helpless on the kitchen counter, it’s much easier said than done. Until now, that is. Acme’s volume and TPO studies help you clearly and quickly identify areas of key support and resistance, then the Trade Planning Pack lets you place them right on your charts. On all your charts, for each of your instruments, all at once. Unfortunately, you’re on your own with the doughnut conundrum.


Acme Market Analytics - S3Stalk – The best trades don’t happen, they are hunted. Just as when stalking game, sometimes you have a beautifully clear shot and sometimes it is best to let opportunity pass you by. But how do you know the difference? Auto-plotted key levels right on the session volume and TPO profiles, together with the innovative  Time  & SalesMarket Internals and Volume Extras packs help you understand when the time is right to…

Acme Market Analytics - S4Strike – The target is in your sights. As price nears your level, Acme’s clear, concise order flow analysis studies such as the Volume Balance & Breakdown and the Volume Impression Pack reveal hidden buying and selling pressure, and work together to help you decide whether it’s time to pull the trigger or to simply sit tight. Instantly. Definitively. Beautifully. Confidently.


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