NinjaTrader Tips & Tricks, Part Three

Again In the spirit of bringing to light some of the more useful but obscure bits of NinjaTrader, this time I’ll show you how to work with indicators not just on the X and Y axes, but on the Z axis too. If you’re not sure, the Z axis is the simply front-to-back dimension.

I’ll bet most people don’t realize that NinjaTrader 7 renders everything on your charts in separate layers, and that you can move bars and plot lines between those layers. Want to see how?

Well, for example, if you have any charts where your bars or plots are over the top of something:

NinjaTrader - Bars in Frontbut you wish they were behind that same something, you can make that happen pretty easily. But it is a little bit fussy. You have to click on the bars until you see some small squares appear over the bars. If you don’t get it on the first try, click again a little to the left or right.

Once you see the squares on the bars, then press the Shift key on your keyboard. You’ll see a small hint appear which reads Level [X] of [X]. It should look something like this:

NinjaTrader - Bars Highlighted and SelectedOnce you see the level hint, scroll the wheel on your mouse to move the bars between the levels. Lift up on the Shift key when you find the level you want, and you’re done:

NinjaTrader - Bars Behind IndicatorEasy as that.

Until next time, trade ’em well…

Note: If you missed any of the previous installments you can find them here.

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