NinjaTrader Tips & Tricks, Part Two

In part one, I talked about colors, transparency and showed how you can use them to get the most out of your chart real estate.This time, I’ll show you how you can use the drawing features in NinjaTrader to mark the opening swing (or any other price level) on one chart and have those horizontal lines appear on all charts automatically.

Drawing Lines & Shapes on Every Chart at Once

I typically find and mark the opening swing, OS for short, in the ES using a 2500 volume chart. Once you’ve eyed the OS range, which today was 1129.00 to 1122.50, create a horizontal line:

Line - OS HighDrag the line to your level on the chart, then double-click it to bring the line properties window up:

OS High - Line PropertiesYou can change the color and style of the line while you are there, but the setting we are really after in this example is the strangely named “Attach to” property. You’ll want to set it to [Instrument Name] (All charts), like so:

OS High - Line Attachment

Click OK. Once the properties window is closed, click on the line again to highlight it. Then on the keyboard press Control + C, then Control + V to to copy and paste the line. Now drag the just-pasted line the desired location, which in this example is 1122.50:

OS  - High And LowAnd boooooommm! It’s now auto-magically (a computer geek term) on my footprint and all other ES charts too:

OS High and Low - Boooom

By the way, this same trick works for all the NinjaTrader 7 shapes such as circles, rectangles and even text.

Trade ’em well…

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  1. [Proximo]
    [Proximo] says:

    Any chance we can get a price band indicator like you have in the charts (ala IRT). Mucho Gracias.

    Awesome stuff so far.


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