Updated – Acme Volume Impression Pack 3.0.3

One small fix and one small change to 3.0.3:

  • Fix: changed the description for Style – Max Font Size setting to something that makes sense in English.
  • New Feature: For a certain member who make a good case for a size filter, your ship has come in.

Here is an example with all prints under 99 filtered out:

Acme Volume Impression - Filtered

… and the filter setting:

Acme Volume Impression - Parameters with Filter

Once again, you asked for it. You got it. You can grab it here.

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  1. Nash
    Nash says:

    Once again thank you. You are very kind and accommodating. Now my xmas has come early :).
    Tip: Note on the double top the buying dried up but this was more discernible on the filtered footprint. Experiment with different filter sizes to match the instrument’s volume & order flow.



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