Acme Updates plus a Tip for Contract Rollover Levels

Folks, I’ve updated 3 of the packs today with some minor fixes and functional additions. Read all about it:

Acme Volume Profile Pack 3.0.12 – Standard and Deluxe Editions

  • Fix: Acme Volume Micro-Composites were previously anchored to midnight on the “Attach To” date. MCs are now anchored to the end of the session for your chart’s session template for the attach-to date you specified. For example, If you choose ETH instead of RTH for your chart, your exact MC attachment times will be different though the anchor date is the same.
  • Feature: You can specify the line width, opacity and style for your Acme Volume Profile session levels. These include the IBH, IBL, Open, ONH, ONL, etc.

Grab it here.

Acme Volume Breakdown Pack 3.0.3 – Standard and Deluxe Editions

  • Fix: Under certain circumstances and bar types/period combinations when there is a mix of live and historical data on a chart, the Acme Volume Breakdown would show the historical-based breakdown shifted one bar to the left in relation to the price bars. This behavior is due to differences in where NinjaTrader says to plot historical vs real-time data on the chart. This behavior could be seen, for example, when a chart was refreshed in the middle of a 5-minute bar when pulling live data. Part of that bar is historical, part is live. No need to fret – real-time data was always plotted in the correct location in relation to price.
  • The AVB now detects and deals with this situation so all data, live and historical, is plotted in the correct location even when a chart is refreshed mid-bar and therefore is comprised of a mix of live and historical data. It will highlight the “seam” created in this situation if you choose, there is a visual example in the FAQs. Simply change the “Color – Overlap Detection” to something other than Transparent.

Acme Volume Impression Pack 3.0.4 – Deluxe Edition

  • Feature: For advanced users you can now select between bid/ask and up/downtick evaluation strategies. Note that if you choose bid/ask you will only see “0 x 0” at each bar level for historical data.
  • Feature: You can now select the minimum font size for the bar-level breakdowns in addition to the maximum font size.
  • Fix: If you attempted to use the Volume Impression Pack on an instrument with a tick size smaller than .01 – such as some FX futures, interest rate swaps, etc – the bar breakdowns would be not visible or be misplaced. This was due to a floating-point rounding issue. The VIP now uses a different method for dealing with very small floating point numbers.
  • NOTE: There still may be a stray bar-level breakdown drawn onto the chart on occasion if you trade an instrument with a tick size of .0001 or less. This is because, believe it or not, computers are kind of bad at very, very small decimal numbers. Unless you handle them in a very specific way, they lose precision as you pass them around kind of like how a photocopy loses resolution each time you pass it through the copy machine. If push comes to shove, I can change the way the VIP deals with teeny-tiny size ticks from the fast-but-looser way to the slower-but-precise way.

Grab it here.

Awesome Acme Tip of the Day

One astute RD/Acme member, Jim, suggested a great idea for dealing with the rollover days in your Acme Trade Planning bands file. His suggestion was to open/import the file into Excel, apply the rollover offset for your instrument to all prices at once then save the file. Reload your chart and you’re ready to trade.

Thanks Again

Once again amigos, your support for this project has blown my expectations clean out of the water.

Trade ’em well…

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