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While this blog is mostly a place for me to say what I want to say, my Big Idea for Rancho Dinero is really to help to foster some kind of community for traders who use or want to learn about volume and market profiling.

So today is one small step for Rancho Dinero, possibly, maybe, hopefully, one decend-sized leap for volume-profiling kind.

And thus, I present to you what I hope will evolve and grow into a great place for volume and market profile traders of all levels and abilities to share and share alike. The brand-spanking new Rancho Dinero Discussion Forums.

As I push the Publish button on this post, there are exactly 0 posts and 0 threads. And there is only one chance to be first. Will it be you?

Trade ’em well…


P.S. We as a community are going to make up the rules as we go along. But please, I assume you all went to kindergarten. And even if you flunked or dropped out (like my wife did… true story) I am confident that you learned everything you need to know to play well with others. So don’t let each other down by smacking each other around. ;-}

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  1. Nash
    Nash says:

    I am not sure anymore if RD is a single person endeavor – you really are an energetic and overly productive type! I am truly impressed. Good luck with the initiative.

    • El Duque
      El Duque says:

      It’s just me for now, at least. I always have many irons in the fire, and I like them to glow whenever possible. Just how I roll. That and I don’t watch TV. ;-}

  2. objee
    objee says:

    thank you el d for this and all your efforts…i find this idea interesting and have peeked at the site and looks impressive, good luck and see you there..obj


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