Updated – Acme Volume Impression Pack 3.0.7

Again a big tip o’ the hat to all of you who helped suss out the bid/ask issues this week. A bunch of us on the #ole34 Twitter stream compared the Acme Volume Impression Pack against several other platforms and it came up a winner. Or at least a tie. Alright, it matched. That’s a win in my book, anyway. 😉

One small issue remained after yesterday’s update, though. If you were using the AVI on an RTH chart but connected to your provider and pulling live data (during the ES/NQ Globex session, for example) after midnight local time the AVI would make one really tall bar out of all the data between midnight and the start of RTH.

I fixed this issue and verified all is well on RTH and ETH charts now. Muchas gracias to all for the patience and help. This truly was a community effort.

Grab it here… and as always, trade ’em well.

P.S. I also added a Version property to the indicator in the Misc section. I’ll be adding this same Version property it to everything Acme going forward. Should help with trouble shooting, etc.

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