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[dropcap1]W[/dropcap1]ow. I kind of feel like I just had a baby. If I could do that. Which I can’t. But I imagine this is how it feels. Except I know for a fact having a baby is a lot messier than remodeling a web site.

And I didn’t have to get naked in front of strangers either, which is always a plus. Also, none of the other things that happen on an operating table (or wherever) when you have a baby happened to me. So except for all that, it’s exactly the same. Right?

I’m ducking now… so female readers feel free to chuck things at your monitors.

Anyway, I have a bunch of new progeny to show and share with you. A whole pile of new features, a couple of reconfigured packs and a few brand new studies and indicators.

Because the volume is so large, I’m just going to summarize it here. All of the detail is on the pack pages.

New Packs

  • The Trend Analysis Pack. This one has two new studies, the VWAP study from the Volume Extras Pack as well as all the contents of the old Volatility Analysis. Basically, these are trend analysis studies, so it just made sense to me to roll them into one pack.
  • The Market Internals Pack is not yet released, but getting close enough that I left a place for it. Coming soon, as the marquee says.

Reconfigured & Renamed Packs

  • The Level Bands Pack is now technically defunct, but the contents have been resurrected as the Trade Planning Pack. I thought the name fit better, and this one is going to expand in the near future. Stay tuned, should be good.
  • Basically the Volume Extras Pack is now a “one-man wolfpack.” If you’ve seen The Hangover, then you know what I’m talking about. If not, then nevermind. But don’t worry, it won’t be solo for long. I have some additions on the docket.

 New Features – Volume Profile

  • Prices are now optionally marked alongside the session levels, such as IBH, ONH, Mid, etc. You can set it to mark them all, none or just for the current profile.

New Features – Volume Micro-Composite

  • The boundaries of the MC can now optionally be drawn on the chart. This helps to identify the span of time the MC is profiling. Colors and styles are configurable, natch.

New Features – Volume Composite

  • The big news here is the Deluxe Edition now sports auto HVN/LVN (peak/valley) detection with configurable sensitivity, and some very configurable labeling features. Looks nice, works even better. Many, many have requested this. Here it is.

New Features – Volume Impression

  • The Volume Impression now has 2 styles of price-level breakdown display – sell x buy and delta. Some like detail. Some like it as simple as possible. Now the choice is a couple clicks away.
  • In addition to the breakdown styles, there is one new price-level style. Previously, there were Solid and Split. Now there is Numbers too. Numbers displays only the sell x buy or delta information in colored text. Minimalists, this one is for you.
  • 2 new readability enhancements were made. First, if you use a chart background other than black or white, the price-level breakdowns could be hard to read. Now there is an optional “underlayment” color you can add to the price level color displays to increase contrast on blue and gray (or whatever color) charts, for example. It helps readability a great deal on those colors. Next, the price-level ladder display to the right of the histogram was really hard to read when bars were underneath it. No longer the case. Much better now.

New Features – Volume Balance

  • Improved bar spacing a bit, plus now there is a candle outline color you can set (or turn off) to help increase contrast on certain colors of charts.

New Features – Volume Breakdown

  • Also received some candle/bar spacing improvements. If you use candles on your price charts, the volume breakdown candles should now look exactly the same in terms of width and spacing.
  • Also added a candle outline color (which can be switched off) to help with contrast on certain colors of charts. Has no effect on OHLC-style breakdowns.
Well, that’s about it for now. I suggest you start perusing the gory details and glorious screenshots here.
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  1. Nash
    Nash says:

    El Duque,
    Just amazing – you are a perfectionist! What can I say – a truly remarkable contribution of the highest calibre. Thank you.


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