What’s in a Name?

Depends. Sometimes not much.

Though if you are a registered trademark owner the stakes can be higher. Why am I telling you this now? A few days ago when I released a new Acme pack I inadvertently named it something that I should not have.

We’re talking about the pack formerly known as the Acme Volume F00tprint. I was contacted today by the CEO of MarketDelta LLC and was advised that the term Footprint® is a registered trademark of MarketDelta.

I have no interest in creating confusion between Rancho Dinero/Acme and MarketDelta, nor in infringing on their trademark, so from here forward the software in question will be known as the Acme Volume Impression Pack.

The name may have changed, but the song remains the same.

Trade ’em well, amigos.

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  1. ValYouW
    ValYouW says:

    Yeah, it is known MarketDelta doesn’t like other using the “Footprint” term (well after all it is their trademark).
    I think you can call it “Volume Ladder” it will be much more clear…

    • El Duque
      El Duque says:

      As you probably know, there is another package out there which already uses the name “Volume Ladder.” I’d rather not create confusion with MarketDelta or anyone/anything else.


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