Best. Reviews. Ever.

[dropcap1]I[/dropcap1]t’s true. I still hate testimonials. They just feel stilted and choreographed to me. I mean, of course anyone in the business of doing anything wants to look good and have their praises sung by their customers, right?

About a week and a half ago I posted one from Chase at Old North Capital, and today I am going to post one more from Walt B., a member who has been on the Ranch for a while now. Mostly because it goes to show that even a very non-techie can learn how to trade technically using just price and volume. Then I think this will be it for the front-page blowing of the Acme horn. Everything has been reprinted here with permission, natch.

Here’s what Walt had to say:

From: Walt B.
To: El Duque
Date: Nov 29, 7:57am


I have got these charts setup now with my homework numbers and they are “AWESOME!!!!”. Thank you so much for the great tools and support. You have proven a new trading “computer stumbling non-techie” can use and enjoy the tools of the best.

Walt B.

Lastly, here is an email exchange with Chase, which is by far the funniest review Acme as had to date. Here is the transcript, verbatim:

From: Chase at Old North Capital, LP
To: El Duque
Date: Nov 10, 8:47am

These packs are sick.


From: El Duque
To:  Chase at Old North Capital, LP
Date:  Nov 10, 8:50am

Ha. Sick like barfing on an airplane or sick like waist-deep untracked powder on a sunny day?


From: Chase at Old North Capital, LP
To: El Duque
Date: Nov 10, 8:53am

Like skiing in Lake Tahoe with fresh powder, a camel back full of Crown and wearing a T-Shirt that says “If you can read this, you’re having a really good day.”

So there you go. If you’re wondering what members are saying about the Acme suite, wonder no more. Chase can be found on Twitter via @OldNorthCapital.

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