Free Webinar – Volume and TPO Profiling with Acme Market Analytics



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Please join Troy Schauls of Rancho Dinero for an exciting online webinar covering volume and TPO profiling. Troy will discuss how you can use this powerful combination by understanding a few core principles and how volume and TPO profiling will help you find tradable levels in virtually any liquid futures or forex instrument. Don’t miss this event and your chance to learn a new trading technique!


When: Weds, May 2nd at 10:30 AM EDT
Topic: Volume and TPO Profiling with Acme Market Analytics
Registration:  Closed


Some of the topics to be covered:

  • How to apply volume and TPO analysis to your charts
  • Understand how to setup session and composite profiles
  • See how to analyze the longer term price action
  • Utilize volume and TPO to create a powerful trading plan
  • How to interpret order flow at key price levels

Hope to see you there! If you can’t make it there live, not to worry. The whole session will be recorded an linked right here on the site.

The Spring Membership Drive is Officially On

We don’t do this but once in a blue moon.

But when I looked up at the sky last night, that big bright orb had a distinct azure tint. So, like Batman responding to the big searchlight signal (or not), we’ve answered the call and present to you the best deals on memberships you’re likely to see in quite a spell.

Get ’em before they get away, because after May 4th, they’re gone for good!

Trade ’em well, this week…

Crawl First, Walk, then Run

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and like you don’t now where to get started with all this volume profiling stuff? Understand some of the basics but want to dig deeper on some of the core concepts?

Well, we’ve created a brand new section of the site dedicated to explaining some of the fundamentals of volume and TPO analysis. It starts a little something like this:

We’ve heard many times that all the acronyms and jargon used by volume profiliers is, to the uninitiated, like another language. We’d have to agree… intimidating it can be. Because there really is a lot of jargon, and some of it stands on some readily explained but not-so-obvious theory. Though once you begin to understand what all of it means, any feelings of confusion and intimidation evaporate.

Read on…

Trade ’em well this week, amigos…

Free Webinar – Advanced Trading Techniques and Market Analytics with NinjaTrader 7

Thinking of giving NinjaTrader a try? Well here’s a great chance to get started as Rancho Dinero will be hosting a free live webinar presented by Raymond Stein of NinjaTrader.

You won’t want to miss this as NinjaTrader is offering a special discount and free trial to all those in attendance. More information about this exclusive discount will be shared during the event only. More details about these promotions will be shared by Ray during the event.

Here are the particulars:

Presenter: Raymond Stein of NinjaTrader
When: Thursday, April 26th at 3:00 PM EDT
Topic: Advanced Trading Techniques and Market Analytics with NinjaTrader 7
Login link for attendees:

… and an overview of what will be covered, from Raymond himself:

As an active trader, the trading tools you select will have a dramatic impact on your success. Whether you trade futures, forex, or equities, you can significantly enhance your trading efficiency by utilizing proven techniques used by successful day traders.

  • Attend this event to learn how to incorporate these techniques for an immediate benefit to your trading!
  • Maximize profit potential by trading directly off your chart using automatic trailing stops and profit targets
  • Be ready on every FOMC day with a Breakout strategy to effectively trade news events
  • Learn how to go both long and short on the same instrument in the same account using NinjaTrader’s powerful Strategy Selection Mode
  • Explore NinjaTrader’s extensive list of free indicators including custom made indicators available on the NinjaTrader Support Forum
  • Learn to fine tune your trading strategies by recording the day’s action and replay at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


Note that this is a NinjaTrader-specific webinar and won’t necessarily cover any particular Acme topics.  However, we will be announcing the Spring 2012 Acme Market Analytics webinar series very soon.

So, as always, watch this space…

Are You, Uh, Back-Adjusted?

Hola, amigos. Getting over my jet lag here…. slowly.

Hope this week is going well for you. The broader markets had a wee character change over the last few sessions, so stay nimble. Though today looks like a plodding inside day. But earnings season is here, earthquakes are quaking and rockets are launchingUse stops! OK, done with the public service announcements for today. ;-}

One of our members thought it might be a good idea to post something in the Rancho FAQs about not forgetting to check the box to use back-adjusted data if you use a continuous contract symbol to drive your charts. If you’re using a symbol that has ##-## in it instead of a date, this is you.

Why use the continuous contract? Mostly it is for convenience. When you use the continuous contract, you don’t have to keep switching out the contract symbols on every rollover. This happens quarterly for the index futures, but monthly for most other futures. The continuous contract symbol always pulls the current (a.k.a. front month) contract prices, and it does so automatically. After the session close on the rollover date, the new contract prices are fed to you automatically, and historical prices are gap-adjusted from that point on. No muss. No fuss. No messy applicator brush.

There are really 3 things to keep in mind about continuous contracts vs. the dated contracts. You’ll need to do a little investigation with your data provider if you’re not sure about any of these three points:

  1. Make sure your provider supports a continuous contract for your instrument, and make sure it’s also back-adjusted. Continuous contracts are a feature of some data feeds, but not all. Also, make sure your provider back-adjusts the prices. We’ve had reports that at least one very popular provider – CGQ – does not back-adjust their continuous contract symbols. Don’t guess about this… just ask your provider if you’re not sure. If you use the dated contract, and you have your merge policy set right (leave the default values), Ninja can merge the various dated contracts into a contiguous series of bars.
  2. Make sure you’ve told your connection in Ninja to pull back-adjusted prices from the data feed.You can do this by making sure the option is checked in your Ninja account connection properties. Here are a couple examples from IQFeed and Kinetick, respectively:[one_half first]
    IQFeed Back Adjusted
    Kinetick Back Adjusted
    [/one_half]If your connection does not have this option, the most likely reason is that your provider does not have a continuous contract, does not back adjust it, or both.
  3. Add the ##-## symbol to your instrument list, then use it in place of the dated contract on your charts.You can add the continuous contract to the default instrument list like so:Continuous Contract - Instrument Manager

That’s pretty much it. Want more info? For more bedtime reading on handling rollovers in NinjaTrader, have a look here. And for specifics on setting up individual data feed connections, you might find the NinjaTrader Connection Guides helpful, and then be sure to check out the other posts in this category too.

Trade ’em well…


Back in the Saddle

Well I have a nasty case of jet lag and about a ton and a half of work in the backlog, but I wanted to let y’all know we’ll be resuming our normal office hours (6AM – 4PM Pacific) on April 9th after 3 weeks of closed offices and a limited support schedule.

If you’ve left a voice mail on the Acme main line over the past couple of weeks and began to doubt whether our phone was actually plugged in, rest assured we’ll be returning calls starting Monday. Sorry for the delays…

We’ll be starting the next release cycle on Monday too, so there will be some new additions to the Acme lineup as well as a few oft-requested improvements coming soon to a pack near you.

Have a great Easter weekend (if you’re so inclined to observe it), and trade ’em well this week…