Crawl First, Walk, then Run

Feeling a bit overwhelmed and like you don’t now where to get started with all this volume profiling stuff? Understand some of the basics but want to dig deeper on some of the core concepts?

Well, we’ve created a brand new section of the site dedicated to explaining some of the fundamentals of volume and TPO analysis. It starts a little something like this:

We’ve heard many times that all the acronyms and jargon used by volume profiliers is, to the uninitiated, like another language. We’d have to agree… intimidating it can be. Because there really is a lot of jargon, and some of it stands on some readily explained but not-so-obvious theory. Though once you begin to understand what all of it means, any feelings of confusion and intimidation evaporate.

Read on…

Trade ’em well this week, amigos…

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