Beware the Pirates

It’s kind of a sad day here on The Ranch, but one that I knew was inevitable. Over the past several months it’s come to our attention that a certain market educator – who is not one of our partners – appears to have been distributing illegal, unlicensed, pirated copies of our software to his students. I hope it should be obvious why this is a proverbial bad thing, and we take it seriously. In fact, we are pursuing legal action. I am not yet ready to name names, but I will if it comes to that.

Believe it or not this is not really about money. It’s about integrity. We try to act with the utmost integrity in an industry which has more than its fair share of shady players. And I think our membership knows and appreciates this, and is one reason so many of them have been with us since the beginning through to this very day. And that’s why it is so disturbing to me, personally, when things like this happen.

But I am a realist. I fully understand that there is a class of people who will never pay for software, and who think somehow that pirating software is no big deal. That it’s not stealing and that they are just sticking it to the man. Some view it as a bit romantic even. But it’s just not. Not only is it illegal and unfair to software authors, but should you really trust your capital and your computer to software that has been altered in unknown ways?

So for now, please know that if you are using anything Acme and you acquired it from any source other than this site:

  • it’s not safe
  • it’s not legal
  • it violates our terms of service
  • it’s utterly without integrity

I sincerely hope I never have to post on this topic again. Only time will tell…

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  1. says:

    Wow, just noticed this now mate, that really sucks. Esp for those of us that shell out good bucks for great gear.

    I have many opportunities to use pirated gear, living in China. When i tell them I’d rather pay for the real thing they think I’m crazy!

    Hope you get ’em.

    Asia on the Bid

  2. Steven Coco
    Steven Coco says:

    Don’t let them steal your labor! I have done SW development (and written several indicators of my own) and I KNOW development is labor intensive — not to mention the value of your intellectual property in the indicators’ logic …

    Your products are professional, and valuable (& thanks).

  3. Michael
    Michael says:

    Sorry that people suck, but very glad to hear you’re going legal. It’s the only way to get immoral idiots to pay attention.

    Quality tools and support should be fairly compensated. Happy to be a life time member and consider the purchase price a bargain.


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