Flash Sale Ends May 4th

These are unprecedented times (maybe this is an understatement!), but we’re doing what we can to support our trading community with big savings on our full fleet of products + packages. No coupon codes required.

Sale ends May 4th!

We Salute You!

A huge and hearty thank you for making the 2019 summer event our most successful ever. We look forward to bringing even more fast, fresh and full featured your way soon. Now get out there and trade it like you mean it!

Ringin’ the Update Bell

Yet again the compilers smoked, so to speak, and much brow sweat dabbed to produce this update to the Acme 8 suite. What’s new this time? Well I’m glad you asked. You get a bunch of new features, a few small fixes and one new product.

Since time immemorial, the low-down on this update is in the Change Log.

Come and Get It

The compilers are still smoking hot, but we’ve dabbed enough sweat off our brows to release an update to the Acme 8 suite. This is a pretty big one… it includes lots of new features, a couple small fixes, two brand spanking new products and one mega package:

  • The Balance Zone is a new and simple way to view and trade balance areas and profiles
  • The Volume Zone is a simple and very handy way to analyze volume and watch it become support and resistance
  • By popular request we’ve released a new Ultimate package, which is pretty much the whole Acme 8 product enchilada

As always the low-down on this update is in the Change Log.

The Summer Savings Event Is On

Summer only comes once a year (sadly) and so it is with our dog-days savings event. But both are here now… use coupon code SUMMERSAVE18 at checkout and enjoy sweet savings of 20% before the popsicle melts away on August 17th 2018!

Ding Ding! Order Up!

Ok, today we’re once again done slinging bit hash (for now)! We’ve released an update to the Acme 8 suite that includes several enhancements, some minor bug fixes as well as 3 (mostly) brand-spanking new products:

  • The Value Candles are back (see the Acme 7 Volume Profile VPOC). We think the new name’s a lot catcher.
  • The Zig Zag is back too!
  • Last but not least, we’ve released our first-ever custom bar type. Many of you have seen me use the Acme Range-Rebound bars on my charts and asked how you can get your mitts on some. Well, the wait is over.

The full low-down on this update is in the Change Log. Check it out, if you’re into reading that kind of stuff.

Until the next time… trade ’em well, amigos!

Acme 7 Maintenance Release

Today we released a suite-wide update which included several minor fixes and security standards upgrades. Get it here.

Another Order Up!

We did it one more time… probably the last suite update of 2017! This round includes a bunch of new features across the suite as well as a few minor fixes. Check out the product pages for some new bullets chart pics and, as always, the down-low on the update’s in the change log.

Order up!

It was one of those days again where we slaved over hot compilers and slung bit hash around until mountains of it were plated and many, many belts had to be loosened. And maybe a nap or two were taken.

It’s all sort of a blur now, but check out the product pages for some new bullets. And as always, the nitty-gritty’s in the change log.

Trade ’em well, amigos…

Limited Time Introductory Pricing on Acme 8 Packages

The packs are back. Back by popular demand, that is. For a limited time we’re offering special pricing on Acme 8 Deluxe and Pro package license purchases. Get ’em before the deals are done.