Summer Blog-cation

Time’s in really short supply lately, just too many major projects in full swing. So I’m giving myself the summer off from long form market blogging. But I’m on Twitter (click the “t” button up in the top right corner) every day doing my thing… so… you know…

Trade ’em well and watch this space as summer winds down.

Beware the Pirates

It’s kind of a sad day here on The Ranch, but one that I knew was inevitable. Over the past several months it’s come to our attention that a certain market educator – who is not one of our partners – appears to have been distributing illegal, unlicensed, pirated copies of our software to his students. I hope it should be obvious why this is a proverbial bad thing, and we take it seriously. In fact, we are pursuing legal action. I am not yet ready to name names, but I will if it comes to that.

Believe it or not this is not really about money. It’s about integrity. We try to act with the utmost integrity in an industry which has more than its fair share of shady players. And I think our membership knows and appreciates this, and is one reason so many of them have been with us since the beginning through to this very day. And that’s why it is so disturbing to me, personally, when things like this happen.

But I am a realist. I fully understand that there is a class of people who will never pay for software, and who think somehow that pirating software is no big deal. That it’s not stealing and that they are just sticking it to the man. Some view it as a bit romantic even. But it’s just not. Not only is it illegal and unfair to software authors, but should you really trust your capital and your computer to software that has been altered in unknown ways?

So for now, please know that if you are using anything Acme and you acquired it from any source other than this site:

  • it’s not safe
  • it’s not legal
  • it violates our terms of service
  • it’s utterly without integrity

I sincerely hope I never have to post on this topic again. Only time will tell…

Attention Index Traders: It’s Rollover Day

There’s been lots of searching for this post over the last couple of days, so here’s a handy link to save you some typing.

If you’re using a continuous contract (ends with ##-##) and want to know what you need to do, have a look at this post from a couple months back.

Trade ’em well…

New Screencast – Configuring Split Profiles for the Index Futures

Ok, so it’s not really a new screencast. Or at least the topic is not new. But the video itself is hot off the video rend-o-matic, and it covers the changes the CME made to the index futures ETH session a couple of months ago. See the screencast here.

Trade ’em well this week…

Thank You… Again

What a spectacular year it’s been on The Ranch, and the Fall ’12 Membership Drive finished in similar fashion. We Ranchers are in gratitude for all our member support, and we give a special tip of the hat to our newest members. Put simply, your support is what makes everything we do possible. We wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you.

As you’re out there on the dusty trail of charts don’t forget to  abide and, of course, trade ’em well.

Fall Blue Moon

Oh Yeah, It’s On! The Fall 2012 Membership Drive is Here

And just like we said the last time – we don’t do this but once in a blue moon. So why now? Well when we recently looked up at the night sky that big bright orb circling our home planet had a distinctly azure tint. Or maybe it was the booze. Not sure. But we are sure that, once again, like Batman responding to the big searchlight over Gotham City we’re offering the best deals on memberships you’re likely to see in quite a spell.

Get them deals before they get away because after December 14th, they’re gone for good!

Back in the Groove, Mostly

Many thanks to everyone who checked in to see that the Rancho wagon train made it down the dusty trail intact. In fact, we did. Mostly.

It’s sunny and just as green as ever in the Emerald City, and we’re extremely happy to be back in a place where it’s totally OK to wear socks with sandals. Not that I do that. I only wear Larry Mahans, of course. But sometimes it’s just good to know that you can.

That said, some important items are still delayed but we understand everything should be in its right place in the next couple of days. So as the week moves on, so shall we begin to get our usual groove back.

Trade ’em well this week…

The Ranch is on the Move

Well, the time has (nearly) come.

It’s been in the works for a while, but now it’s official. On July 11-13, Rancho Dinero will be pulling up its Silicon Valley stakes, loading the wagons and riding north to the great Pacific Northwest.

In reality, this move is more of a homecoming than lighting out for the frontiers. As some of you know, I am a Seattle native, and after several years in sunny California my family and the company are returning to a place where our webbed feet don’t seem so out of the ordinary. Probably kidding about the webbed feet. ;-}

As a consequence, we’ll be on a limited support and administrative schedule from July 11-13, though we will return to normal operations on Monday, July 16.

Trade ’em well this week…

We Couldn’t Do This Without You

The 2012 Spring Membership Drive  was, by really any measure, a rousing success.

A big part of what makes us different is not just our technical analysis products, but about how we regard the relationship with you, our member-customers. We’ve come to know many of you pretty well, watched you develop as traders, and we’re looking forward to getting to know all the new faces on The Ranch too.

So thank you once again for your  support. The best is still yet to come. Trade ’em well, amigos.

The Spring Membership Drive is Officially On

We don’t do this but once in a blue moon.

But when I looked up at the sky last night, that big bright orb had a distinct azure tint. So, like Batman responding to the big searchlight signal (or not), we’ve answered the call and present to you the best deals on memberships you’re likely to see in quite a spell.

Get ’em before they get away, because after May 4th, they’re gone for good!

Trade ’em well, this week…