Updated – TPO Pack

Today we have part deux of the update round we began last week, and this one’s a fairly substantial upgrade to the Pro-level TPO pack. So without further ado, here’s the lowdown:


Acme TPO Classic

  • Feature: Merging and un-merging of TPO/VP profiles is now supported via the chart’s right-click menu.
  • Feature: the previous RTH value area can now be displayed on the current RTH session.
  • Feature: volume profiles can now be ‘”stacked” with the TPOs in addition to the previous side-by-side style. This new style can be extremely useful on space-constrained screens or for simply maximizing information density.
  • Feature: the font used for bracket letters can be either a traditional serif face, or a more screen-friendly sans serif typeface.
  • Feature: when bracket letters are shown, the letters can be a fixed size or dynamically sized for better readability in a variety of market conditions. Useful especially when viewing multiple sessions covering a large vertical range.
  • Removal: for simplification, the “Combine ETH + RTH” parameter for split session profiles has been removed in light if the new merge support.

Acme TPO Microcomp (NEW!)

A brand new addition and the companion to the volume study of the same name, the Acme TPO Microcomp can be used to built custom range,week, month and year profiles using TPOs of virtually any length on any bar type.

Details here »


Still more updates coming up… trade ’em well this week.


Updated – VWAP, Volume Profile, Market Internals Packs

Hope everyone is having a great week. Interesting times in the markets to be sure. After the gold smash of last week we’re pretty much right where I figured we’d be 2 weeks ago. But I digress… once again. ;-}

Today we have a multi-pack update for you, and here’s the lowdown:


Acme Volume Profile Microcomp

  • Feature: week, month and year options were added to the previous date range option, making it simpler to profile regular, intermediate-term calendar intervals.
  • Enhancement: the VPOC line is now automatically shown, and is consistent with the suite’s other volume profiles.
  • Enhancement: minute-based microcomposites can now be built on any bar type.
  • Fix: a few items of parameter documentation had minor grammatical errors, now resolved.

Details here »


Acme VWAP Value Channel

  • Feature: added a Yearly option in addition to the current session, week, month and continuous options.

Details here »


Acme Tick Guides

  • Enhancement: added parameters to control the distance of the high/low excursion and session peak markers. This change will improve auto-scaling for TICK indices other than the NYSE TICK, all of which have narrower high-to-low ranges.

Details here »


There are more pack updates coming very soon. So, as they say, watch this space. And while you’re doing that don’t forget to trade ’em well….

Have a great weekend, everyone.



New Release & Update – Acme VWAP Pack

Well, this doesn’t happen too often. Less often than a blue moon even. But you’re all bearing witness to the birth of an (almost) entirely new pack. Almost. In truth it contains one completely new study and one updated study.

Here’s the lowdown:


  • Moved & (gently) renamed: moving and/or renaming studies is not something we take lightly, so we hardly ever do it. It tends to just make more work for everyone. And let’s face it, we all have tons of things to do other than swap packs around. But in this case, in light of what needed to be done from a technical perspective, we thought it was the most sensible move. So as of this moment, the Acme VWAP study is no longer available as part of the Trend Analysis Pack and is now included in the brand-spankin’ new VWAP Pack under the name Acme VWAP Basic. Just as it was in the Trend Analysis Pack, it remains completely scot-free.
  • Feature change: in keeping with its name and in the name of simplicity as well, one of the 2 envelope plots has been eliminated from the study. All other features remain the same.

Acme VWAP Value Channel (New!)

  • New release: During development of this indicator, we collaborated with one of our more serious VWAP trader-members. Suffice it to say he had some pretty specific ideas about how this kind of study should perform. After some back and forth, the Rancho crew decided that a new Value Channel study – very much in keeping with the other Acme Value Channels here and here – deserved a place in the Acme Pro lineup. If you’re a value-oriented trader (and you know who you are), you really should give this one a look. We think it has the potential add a whole other dimension to your confluence-hunting game.

What’s so great about it? For starters, it’s extremely high resolution, supports multiple time frames and even includes details like previous range extensions, naked prices and audio alerts. Have a look… we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Read more »


That’s all the releases for this week, amigos. Have a great weekend and trade ’em well next week.


New Screencast – Configuring Split Profiles for the Index Futures

Ok, so it’s not really a new screencast. Or at least the topic is not new. But the video itself is hot off the video rend-o-matic, and it covers the changes the CME made to the index futures ETH session a couple of months ago. See the screencast here.

Trade ’em well this week…


Pack Updates and a New Release – TPO, Time and Sales Packs

Amigos, it’s been an interesting few weeks on The Ranch to say the least. Almost nothing has gone to plan, but that’s doesn’t mean nothing has been happening. Quite the contrary, it has. Just not quite the way and on not quite the schedule we planned.

Nonetheless, we have some updates ready for you (many of which were member-requested) including one brand-spanking new indicator and a new Pro Edition of the Time and Sales Pack. So, without further delay, here are the updates for today:


Acme Zig Zag (NEW!)

This one has been requested numerous times. This one is pretty full-featured and robust right out of the gate. And the Pro Edition even supports data export. I’ve started a blog post series on getting to know your instruments and this indicator will be, er, instrumental in that series.

Details here »


Acme TPO Classic

  • Feature: session summaries now have 2 styles – long (very detailed) and short (less detailed). The short style is the same as the previous style to which you’ve become accustomed
  • Feature: the rotation factor is now displayed in the profile summary
  • Feature: the summary now displays the TPO count above/at/below the POC
  • Feature: the volume profile now optionally displays the volume at each price next to each price in one of 2 modes
  • Feature: the session summary text size can now be controlled independently of the other lables, such as POC, IBH, IBL, etc.
Acme TPO
  • Feature: the session summary text size can now be controlled independently of the other lables, such as POC, IBH, IBL, etc.
  • Feature: the delimiter for exported data can now be specified in the indicator parameters.
Acme TPO Evolution
  • Feature: the session summary text size can now be controlled independently of the other lables, such as POC, IBH, IBL, etc.
  • Update/Fix: a visual rendering issue in version 4.1.0 would cause rendering of profiles to halt after the initial profile was rendered. This is resolved in, and affected the Pro Edition only.

Details here »


That’s it for today, folks. More to come later in the week. Have a great weekend, and trade ’em well…


Updated – Acme Market Study Pack

One minor but nonetheless interesting pack update for you today. We now have a brand-new initial balance range breakout data export/market study to the Acme Market Study Pack.

Here’s a bit of Forth of July flavor:

Acme Initial Balance Breakout

Many traders are aware of the concept of the initial balance (IB). Basically, the IB is the range of prices in the first  “X” number of minutes of trade. Traditionally, the IB is 60 minutes, but many traders use additional durations either singly or in combination with each other.

Some interesting questions can be answered with this study – how often is the IB range is broken? At what times? To the high or low side? How far did the breakout travel? On what day? In fact, these few examples barely scratch the surface. Many, many other questions are waiting to be asked and answered with this study. So get your curiosity on!

Full details here »


If you’re in the good ol’ US of A this week, please have a safe and sane Independence Day holiday. And if you’re in the eastern part of the country, I hope you get some relief from the incredible heat soon.

If you’re trading this week, amigos, trade ’em well. We’ll see you on the other side…


Updates and New Releases – Time and Sales Pack

Today we have 2 brand new minimalist-type studies for you and several member-requested enhancements to other studies in this pack. Let’s get to it straight away…


Acme Time/Price Line (New!)

Are you an index futures trader? Do you wish there was a simple way to track the equities cash close versus the instrument close? And do you wish that there was a way to have the price appear on the chart as a “naked” line that would disappear when it was tagged again at a later date?  Well, wish no more. It’s now in the Time and Sales Pack.


Acme Initial Balance (New!)

Minimalists unite! The Acme Initial Balance (IB) shows displays the initial balance range and nothing  but. Except, of course, up to 4x upper and lower 50% IB extensions, which covers more than 99% of trading days in all futures instruments. To minimize clutter on the chart, each extension automatically appears only after the IB range is known and as price tags each successive level on either the high or low side.


Acme Fractals

  • Feature: fractal prices can now be turned on or off while leaving the marker dots.
  • Feature: covered (no-longer-naked) fractals can now be optionally removed from the chart.
  • Feature: fractal marker sizes can be set independently of the price label, giving finer control over chart appearance.

Details here »


That’s all for today, folks. Trade ’em well this week. Anything can happen (but probably won’t ;-}).


Updates and New Releases – Acme Time Price Opportunity Pack

Today the Acme TPO Pack got a fairly substantial upgrade with lots of new features and even 2 brand spankin’ new studies. And as always, here’s the lowdown on this round of updates and new releases:

Acme TPO Intraday (New!)

This is the companion to the Acme Volume Profile Intraday study, and it’s specifically designed for profiling smaller blocks of time than a session. It has generally the same kind of flexibility as the VP Intraday study, and can be used for the same scenarios. It just uses time instead of volume. If you are a short-term trader or need to gauge the market using TPOs and short time spans, this study is for you.


Acme TPO Value Channel (New!)

Another time-based companion to its volume-based counterpart, the Acme TPO Value Channel is designed to show the developing time-based value area, and nothing but. It can be used as a cornerstone of a value-oriented trading strategy in mean-reverting instruments, or just as a great visual reference on range extension or trend days. We’ve posted several examples of how to use this variety of study in the Trading for Value series.


Acme TPO & TPO Classic

Both  received essentially the same new features and enhancements, so we’ll take down two birds at once here:

  • Feature: The session TPO now has audio alerts for new session highs and lows and a new audio alerts pack. Included are alerts (spoken by a very nice female American robot) for the ES, NQ, TF, YM, CL, 6E, the bonds as well as a generic new high/low alert.
  • Feature: The TPO now has the ability to display naked RTH session POCs.
  • Feature: initial balance extensions can now be displayed for up to 2 times the IB range, above or below (ala the Acme Volume Profile).
  • Enhancement: colors can be displayed using one of 2 built in high-contrast spectrums, or using the normal colors as before.
  • Enhancement: several new options are available for turning on and off minor features.

Full details for all the above can be found here.


And we’re not done here. Nope, not by a long shot. There’s more to come later in the week. Until such time, and as always, trade ’em well…


New Releases: Acme Magic Tape2, New Screencast

Today we’re unleashing the sequel to the extremely popular Acme Magic Tape, and it’s oh-so-cleverly named Acme Magic Tape2.

Read all about it here »

In addition, we have one brand-spankin’ new screencast covering rewindable and dynamic composites for you.

Enjoy and, of course, trade ’em well…


One Updated, Three New Screencasts

To some (many? most?) folks, splitting ETH + RTH profiles on a single chart is an enigma wrapped in a mystery, tucked away in a clever riddle and shrouded in a fog of confusion.

Well, no more (hopefully). While there are a about a million ways it can be done, most people mostly want one profile for the RTH session and another profile for “everything else.” These new screencasts show you how to configure exactly that for four popular classes of instruments – the index futures, crude oil, the Euro and gold.

Have a look here »