El DuqueRancho Dinero was founded in early 2011 by Troy Schauls, known around the social media interwebs by the tongue-in-cheek alias El Duque (left, on Twitter as @RanchoDinero), as a fun side project aimed at sharing some tools he had developed and trading knowledge he had amassed.

But lo and behold, within just a few short months Rancho Dinero’s Acme Market Analytics suite found a wide and enthusiastic audience of active traders in participating markets from futures to forex.

In response, Rancho Dinero has rapidly expanded the depth and breadth of offerings for its members and it’s products are a leader in innovative market data visualization software for independent traders, market educators and limited partnerships worldwide.

Rancho Dinero’s mission is simple – provide unexpectedly fresh, exceptionally clear, top-quality technical analysis products and first-class support at an unparalleled level of value.

Nothing you see on this site should be construed as investment advice and Rancho Dinero is not a registered investment adviser. Under no circumstances should words, images or software on this site be used or interpreted as an endorsement of any investment vehicle or trading strategy. Trading and investing are risky, and can most definitely be hazardous to your wealth. All content is provided solely for educational purposes.