Acme Trade Planning Pack

Turns out that the trade planning pack might be the stealth contender for the most important pack in the suite. Using your current tools, can you quickly, easily and – when you are in the heat of battle – know exactly when to execute your plan? With Acme, you definitely can. If you are a price-level trader, this is one pack you won’t want to find yourself without.

Acme Trade Plan

This is a significant, far more powerful and user-friendly evolution of the Acme Level Band (see below). Create and annotate levels, add audio alerts, save and even edit your plan right on the chart. You can even view and edit the same plan on many different charts! Available in the Deluxe Edition only.

  • Integrates directly with your charts, and every chart  it’s on can reference the same plan (or each can display a separate plan). With the Acme Trade Plan, you can modify and save your trade plan from any chart, and the synchronize all your other charts with those changes with as little as one click.
  • Synchronize, add, remove or change any or all the levels in your plan and apply the changes without refreshing the chart.
  • Create an unlimited number of levels, and each can have a separate color of your choosing. Create a color-coding system of your own and have a color of your choosing mean, well, whatever you want.
  • Set optional audio alerts for each level in your plan!
  • Bulk adjustment feature allows for 1-click changes to all levels in your plan at contract rollover time.
  • Annotate specific levels in your plan and have them appear right on the chart. Prices and notes can be displayed on the left or the right, respectively.
  • Plans are automatically associated with the instrument on your chart, making multi-instrument planning easier than ever.
  • An asterisk (*) is displayed next to each price label, letting you know you have made changes to your plan that still need to be saved to your hard drive.
  • Add thoughts that apply to the whole session, lay out your level-specific thoughts and reminders while you are doing your homework and they will be right there for you at any time during the session.

Acme Trade Plan - Black

Acme Level Band

This is a very simple way to  mark a few bands on your chart. How’s it work? You add one or more bands to your chart then set the price, width and color for each. You’re ready to trade. You can have as many bands on each chart as you like. When you are planning for the next day, adjust the bands as needed, save in your chart template. When you come back, everything will be right where you left it.

Acme Level Band

Acme Level Band - Parameters