Time Price Opportunity (TPO) Profiles

A critical piece of the Acme profiling suite, the time price opportunity (TPO) profile lineup contains 2 essential types of profiles, each designed to supply a specific beat to your market analysis rhythm. Going from lower to higher time frames:

  • Session profiles » daily session breaks provide bookends and boundaries for the day. Session breaks are a forced pause in trading and they provide vital opportunities for market participants to reflect and adjust, which is why sessions are a critical time frame to include in your analysis.
  • Intermediate profiles » traders shouldn’t live by intraday or intrabar analysis alone. Particularly important to trading are boundaries important to life. Longer time frames such as weeks, quarters, months and even years add perspective and should be a factor in your analysis. Intermediate profiles provide quick way to visualize the larger context of price, volume and time and integrate them into your action plan.

Time Price Opportunity Profile Types

For the Acme 8 suite we’ve carried over the familiar Classic profiles and integrated the increasingly popular Evolution style into the intermediate time-frame studies:


Classic coloration changes up the color for each successive bracket (sometimes also called a period, the terms are interchangable) . This coloration is best for shorter term profiles with only a few brackets.


Evolution coloration is similar to the classic style, but changes color for less often for profiles which span longer periods, such as weeks months and years. For longer spans, Classic coloration creates very random-appearing profiles where the Evolution style makes seeing how a day, week, or month contributed to the profile easy to see at-a-glance.

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