Time Profile Metrics


The Time Profile Metrics displays the essential profile price levels without the profile shape itself. Extremely useful for minimalists or for watching key levels from a higher or lower time frame on any chart. For example, you can easily see the last week, month, quarter or yearly levels on an intraday chart, or watch the session levels on a weekly chart.

If that weren’t enough, the Time Profile Metrics can also export data in a tabular file format and can be used in custom strategies to boot!

Includes indicator and how-to guide for installation & configuration. Note that unfortunately we can’t provide coding lessons, advice or development support. Use of this product in your own custom strategies is intended for technically savvy users.


  • Displays the following key profile price levels
    • range high and low
    • range mid
    • point of control
    • value area high and low
    • previous value area high and low
    • previous volume point of control
    • previous range high and low
    • previous close
    • initial balance high and low
    • range open and close
  • Supports session, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly profile time frames
  • Configurable number of prices per level and TPO length
  • Can be displayed as a continuous set of segments on the chart or as columns showing just the developing or previous metric set
  • Can export metrics data to .csv and launch the exported data automatically
  • All metrics levels can be hidden and the plot type, color and width is configurable.

Additional information

Time Frame

Intraday, Day, Week, Month, Quarter, Year