Intraday Volume Profile


Need to strengthen your short game? Intraday profiles crack apart short-term price and volume information and helps you visualize price-volume tide as it ebbs and flows. Profile individual bars, blocks of time, blocks of volume, ranges of price and more.

Includes indicator and how-to guide for installation & configuration.


  • Supports all 3 Acme profile styles
  • Profile periodicities can be set in minutes or number of bars on any bar type/style
  • Displays optional level markers for the key session elements
    • Value area high and low
    • Range midpoint
    • Volume weighted average price (VWAP)
  • Optional boundary lines
  • Optional VPOC trace line
  • Displays optional markers for naked prices
    • VPOCs
    • Value area highs and lows
  • Profiles can face left or right
  • Summarizes critical profile information at a glance such as total volume, delta and range
  • Note this product requires tick data for proper functioning

Additional information

Supported Markets

Futures, Stocks & ETFs, Forex

Time Frame

Intraday, Day, Intermediate