Want to save time? Want a set of pre-configured, high-contrast, color-coordinated charts to get started with?

We get it. Setting up charts can be time consuming (tedious even!) especially when you’re new to a platform. It’s OK because we have a bunch ready to get you out of the gate fast and on the ground running. As you’re perusing the plethora below, keep a few important points in mind:

  • The instruments shown in the chart images were picked more or less at random. The templates themselves will be suitable starting places for any instrument. They are all set to use the default session template for the instrument you select, for example.
  • Only items such as indicators and their configurations and general chart properties are saved in templates. Any template can be used on any bar type, any periodicity. Not that you’d want to, but you could.
  • Not sure how to get these beautiful babies installed? Click here.

Session Volume Profile

Session TPO Profile

Intermediate (Weekly) Volume Profile

Intermediate (Weekly) TPO Profile

Composite Volume Profile

Volume Impression


*Template purchases require that you be a current licensee of the products listed in each template.