Intermediate Volume Profile


Even if your focus is primarily intraday, context remains king. Higher time-frame profiles will give you a crystal clear way to anticipate where larger, higher time players have brought liquidity price has moved slowly (balance areas) as well as where those same larger players may be needing to scramble out of wrong-footed positions. When it comes time to do your homework for past weeks, months & even quarters and years, our intermediate profile has you covered.

Includes indicator and how-to guide for installation & configuration. Ready to use out of the box.


  • Supports all 3 Acme profile styles
  • Covers a specific date range or automatically profile calendar-driven periods including weeks, months, quarters and years
  • Displays the traditional 1-sigma value area, and value area widths are configurable
  • Optionally show naked VPOCs and value area highs and lows
  • Summarizes key information such as includes the total volume, tick range and span of time
  • Profiles can be configured to face either left or right

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Supported Markets

Futures, Stocks & ETFs, Forex

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